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3D/4D Ultrasound

photo_crop3D/4D ultrasound provides beautiful images for you and your family. It allows you to view and keep images of your baby before he or she is born! With the help of an advanced technology, we are able to produce 3D ultrasound images, which allow you to look at your baby’s features in real-time. The 4D ultrasound is the 3D ultrasound in movement.

It is done during the third trimester, between weeks 28 and 32, and includes the following:

  • 3D/4D ultrasound session;
  • Complete third trimester ultrasound;
  • Ultrasound session recorded on DVD;
  • Several pictures of your baby.
  • Option : Your baby’s heartbeat in a teddy bear

Preparing for the third trimester 3D/4D ultrasound: No preparation is required
Please note that a completed requisition form from your doctor or midwife is required at the time of your appointment.
The requisition must specifically mention the 3D/4D ultrasound.
Without a requisition we cannot proceed.

Duration: 40 Minutes