Welcome to the Clinique d’Échographie de l’Outaouais


Sylvie Grenier, Technologist and Owner of the clinic.

When hospital wait times are too long, there is an alternative!

In business for more than 10 years, the Clinique d’échographie de l’Outaouais offers a full range of ultrasound services in a private clinic setting. The ultrasounds are administered by a passionate team of certified and specialized sonographers whose professionalism and work ethics are second to none.

By choosing our private clinic, you will quickly get an appointment and your file will be processed efficiently. Our friendly, courteous staff will welcome you in a warm environment and will send your detailed report to your doctor in as little as 48 hours*.

Find out about our services available in Gatineau as well as our home services in senior homes for the physically impaired.
*Delay of 48 business hours. Delay subject to change without notice. Cardiac ultrasound reports require about five business days.